Who Are We?

The Lymphedema Awareness Team is an advocacy group raising awareness and money for the Lymphedema Treatment Act. Comprised of family members, friends, and crazy endurance runners, the Lymphedema Awareness Team believes that understanding the challenges of Lymphedema starts with education.  And what better way is there to spread the word and catch people's attention than by pushing the limits of physical and mental barriers?

Our Runners

Daniel and Matt Gray grew up in the idyllic hills of Southern California, breathing in fresh, alpine air while spending time in the outdoors with their dad.  Notoriously known as the Barf Brothers in their younger days (motion sickness is never fun), they've continued to push the laws of motion as adults by running longer and longer distances on trails, dirt roads, and sometimes cross-country.

Their running is personally satisfying and it allows them to continue their lifelong friendship. But we live in a world where individual gain is not enough . . . our pursuits must have a greater purpose. When Daniel's daughter was diagnosed with Lymphedema in June 2012 at a month old, they're running would soon take on a deeper meaning. 

Our Educator

An avid and adventurous outdoors woman in her own right, Margaret Gray is the central organizer, researcher, and advocate for the Lymphedema Awareness Team.  She's connected with other parents of children with Lymphedema, Lymphedema Treatment Act advocacy groups, and Lymphedema patients from across the country to better understand how to take care of her daughter's condition and how to focus the work of our team.

Already a wonderful mother, Margaret's work to organize the Lymphedema Awareness Team exemplifies her compassion for not only her daughter, but people battling Lymphedema everywhere.

Our Crew

Lindsay McNicholas still thinks her husband, Matt Gray, is a bit crazy for all the running, especially at the 50-mile distance.  But she was there in full support on the 16th, making sure he put his warm coat and hat on during breaks, and that he ate plenty of food to stay energized.  Mostly, she adores her niece and god-daughter, and will do anything to support.

Gary and Joan Gray are to thank for both Matt and Dan's obsession for wild places and wide open spaces. They spent most family vacations taking their boys camping and exploring in the Sierra Nevada and the Southwest.  Gary ran crew for the Joshua Tree 50k in December and fearlessly led the support team efforts on the 16th of March.  Joan brought out her cheerleading talents from high school to keep the runners' spirits high. And she even gave Matt's gross feet a mid-race massage at the Beyond Limits Ultra.


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  2. Love what you are doing!

    Our daughter was also diagnosed with Primary Lymphedema this year except our 'baby' is 16. Its been such a difficult adjustment for her and for us. Our Sophie was an avid and competitive long distance runner until lymphedema stole that from her. Please think of Sophie and all those affected by lymphedema and have a great time raising funds for the Lymphedema Treatment Act. Your work means a lot. Best of luck!

  3. Thanks so much, Julie! We will definitely keep Sophie in our thoughts, and hope that once things settle down she can get back to running.