Friday, May 3, 2013

Treatment Act Update

I know all of you who supported our efforts at the Beyond Limits race are probably a little curious about how things are moving forward with the treatment act.  Here's a little update from Heather Ferguson about how things are going, and what you can do to help out even more.  Heather is looking to create state teams to help further advocate for the Act, so if you are interested in helping out more, think about joining the team in your state!

I know we are all eager for the Act to be reintroduced. We have had a lot of great communication with Congressman Reichert and his staff in recent weeks, and rest assured that they are making good progress on the preparations. Keep in mind that between the 111th and 112th Congresses our bill was not reintroduced until July, and that was with keeping the same sponsor. It takes patience, but we are getting there!

In the mean time, it's exciting to see the progress that some of you are already making. Due to contact from constituents (Julie in Iowa and Barbara in Arizona), two new members of Congress (Braley and DelBene) have already reached out to Congressman Reichert's office regarding their interest in our bill!

Now is the time to get your Congressperson informed and ready to support our bill too! The template language on our website submission form was recently updated. Please send a letter today (click HERE), and if at all possible take a couple of extra minutes to add some personalized text, which really does make a difference.

We are also pleased to share with you our newly created State Team Handbook. (State Team members, please note that since you first received this on April 20th we have already made some revisions to enhance clarity.)

If you have been on the fence about joining your state team please take a look at this comprehensive resource that will give you all the guidance and tools you need to be a powerful advocate for the Act. To date we have teams in 37 states - an amazing accomplishment for having only undertaken this initiative a few months ago. But we are still a long way from our goal of having team members from each Congressional district in every state. You are the key to getting us there!

If you are interested in joining your state's team just reply to this newsletter or email us at And don't forget to contact your Representative so that he/she will be an early supporter of the Act when it is reintroduced. Click HERE to send your letter now.

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