Saturday, November 2, 2013


The Lymphedema Awareness Team is running the Grand Canyon, a one-day trip from Rim to Rim to Rim on a 48-mile trail.  Instead of raising money, we’re focusing on raising awareness.  Those of you who follow us know how lymphedema has impacted our lives, and how it will impact Juniper in the years to come.Lots of people out there are in the dark about this condition.  Primary lymphedema is rare, but lymphedema as a result of cancer treatment is less rare, and, unfortunately, lots of times folks are not told about it as a potential side effect of their cancer treatment.
Heather Ferguson, founder of the Lymphedema Treatment Act, is asking all of us to get involved in the effort to bring Lymphedema out of the shadows.  She’s hoping we can bring lymphedema into the public eye to help people get properly diagnosed and get the treatment they need to manage the condition. 
Like Heather, I feel incredibly fortunate that I have the ability to research and advocate for the best possible treatment for Juniper.  Not everyone is as fortunate, and untreated, lymphedema can be very, very bad.
Help us spread the word about lymphedema.  Share this post, follow this link and request some cards to pass out in your city.  Write your representative.  Act.

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