Friday, August 15, 2014

B2B2B 50K's - 1 of 3

100 miles is far, which adds an element of complexity to training for this distance.  In almost any other race I would run the distance at least once before toeing the line.  Luckily, there is a way to creatively simulate the physical breakdown caused by running 100 miles: back to back long runs.  The advantage of dividing the miles into multiple days is that at the end of each run I can have a smoothie, stretch and get a good night sleep.  Today was the first of three back to back to back 50k (31 miles +/-) trail runs.

San Jacinto Peak: Twice Time

Distance - 30.9 miles - - Time - 9hrs car to car - - Elevation - 7350' vertical gain

Trails - Deer Springs - San Jacinto Pk - Long Valley Loop - San Jacinto Pk - Deer Springs 

skunk cabbage


one time

high country

mountain fire



round valley

looking south

tree line

twice time


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