Sunday, August 17, 2014

B2B2B 50K's - 3 of 3

“I hope I feel this good when I finish the Kodiak 100,” was my first thought after completing today’s long run.  Yes, I am physically exhausted.  Because of all the elevation gain and loss, the roots, the rocks, the water bars, and the sand, it is understandable why.  However, my mental endurance, stamina, and motivation were really put to the test today.  When my alarm went off at 4am,

I could not fathom climbing into the high country again.  I needed a place to run that was flat, mindless, and close to the car.  I decided to run the double tracks around Fobes Road.  These were my training grounds for the BLU a year and a half ago.  They are relatively flat, so I was able to jog most of the morning.  This was a welcome break from all the elevation gain and loss over the last two days, and also an added challenge because there were no walking breaks.  In the last three days, I was on my feet for 24 hours, covered 90 miles, and climbed over 16,000 ft.  Almost exactly what I will have to do in a single push to finish the Kodiak 100. 

Fobes Flats

Distance - 28 miles - - Time - 6hrs - - Elevation - 1250' vertical gain

early morning

high country from afar

smooth, flat, double track


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