Saturday, August 16, 2014

B2B2B 50K's - 2 of 3

Fatigue is funny.  It hit me this morning, much earlier then I expected it to, half way through todays run.  It started with thoughts like, "Tomorrows run should be somewhere flat."  And, by the afternoon I was thinking, "Does it really matter if I do another 50k on Saturday?  Could I just run 20 and then another 10 on Sunday?"  After five hours of being of the trail I have continued to ponder these ideas.  Yes, the next run is going to be flat.  No, it doesn't matter if I run another 50k.  But, I will feel a lot better if I do.

Loops and Lollipops

Distance - 31.1 miles - - Time - 9hrs car to car - - Elevation - 7600' vertical gain

Trails - Devils Slide - Tahquitz Meadow and Peak - Chinquapin -  Angels Glide - Strawberry Cienega - Deer Springs - San Jacinto Pk - Round Valley - Long Valley Loop - Wellmans Cienega - Angels Glide - Devils Slide - Humber Park

first light








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