Tuesday, August 5, 2014


It was exactly one year ago that Matt and I ran Deer Springs; the trail had been closed for almost a month because of the Mountain Fire.  I decided it would be fun to commemorate the re-opening of the wilderness with a large figure eight loop in the high country.  I approached today's run with the same gratitude, appreciation and awe that Matt and I shared on our trip to San Jacinto peak 365 days ago.

I hiked up South Ridge and arrived at Tahquitz peak just after sunrise - a quick jog across Chiquapin to Saddle Junction and then a nice climb up Angel's Glide - I dropped down the Strawberry Cienega trail and met up with Deer Springs which I stayed on until San Jacinto Peak - from the Peak, I went down to Wellman's Divide - across Wellman's Cienega - down Angel's Glide - down Devil's Slide to Humber Park - across the Earnie Maxwell Scenic trail to my house.  The timing could not have been better, it was cool all morning and lunch was on the table when I got home.

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